I dreamed 1,000 dreams, in which I waited for you to show up.  1,001 you arrived and asked me to tell you what I did in each one. 

The answer was always the same. Always simple.

I waited, like I said I would do.


The number of people I find myself being able to confide in is dwindling. When I open up in confidence things will be kept the two parties involved, a third is almost always brought into the picture.

Why does everyone find it necessary to talk about my problems.

Not others are bringing in emotions, resentment and discomfort that doesn’t need to be involved.

Closer and closer you tread, to a line I’d rather you not cross. But that is your choice, your prerogative.

Building engines and working on bikes is a lot like a dance. There is me; the one who is typically fumbling around with no moves, then there is the bike; my beautiful partner who is graceful and guiding me though the steps. Sometimes my partner is a pain.  Forceful and stubborn. Other times it is cooperative. Submissive and graceful. Eventually it gets to the point in a build or creative process that you start to understand your partner fully and things start flowing until the end. When you are finished, you wipe your hands, take a bow, and experience the greatest sense of enlightenment knowing you just created what could be your masterpiece. Until the next dance.

- ELW 2014