Love this Ironhead. Now for sale on Ebay

1972 Harley Davidson 60’s style chopper

Built at Boneshakers
FRC frame
Motor and box by Blueprint engineering.
Paint by Flakeys Paint studio
MPD finned primary
Wassel tank and mudguard
one off pipes
kick and electric start

People suddenly leaving your life can be so difficult. Whether it’s death, their own free will or the act of cutting them off, it is never easy. I guess at some point in our lives we must all bury someone we love, literally or figuratively. Here is to practicing on the people that don’t give you the time you deserve, so that burying the ones that do, can be just a little easier.  

This is your fucking funeral.  

Queue violin, queue the rain, as I watch you take another step towards hell.

I hope i’m the reason, for that ugly fucking face you make.
You lost everything in that infamous place.
What you don’t realize,
You’ve got much more to lose.

Bury the knife, just three times further,
Abandonment of a future father.
Robbing you of everything, watching your life escape.
Look into my eyes, see it’s real burning hate.

I want
I want
I want
My eyes to be the last thing you’ll ever see.

I pace in flint and on earth made of steel.
Walk in the church and walls begin to sear
Crumbling to rubble, scatter the ashes…to ashes, dust into dirt.
Prepare to feel every ounce of my fucking hurt.

Be not afraid
It’s not the end of the world,
it’s just the end of you.

I’ll bury you eight feet under,
To make sure you’d stay down.
At all costs, i’ll protect from your return.
Striking down, but first turn over thy crown.